Muskie Lures and game calls

Plugsplus has a 30 day money back return policy. Plugsplus realizes that from time to time mistakes
will be made. You may order the wrong color or may have just changed your mind. Plugsplus can
also make mistakes. Errors made by Plugsplus will be corrected without any additional charge to the
customer. The 30 day return policy gives ample time to inspect the item to determine if it meets your
expectations. If it does not meet your expectations it can be returned for a full refund. All returned
items must be in like new condition with the original packaging. The bar codes and serial numbers
must also match the item that was sent to you. Plugsplus will not accept used or broken
merchandise that was not sold by us. Product defects are covered by the manufacturers warranty.
The Plugsplus 30 day return policy is in place to make sure that you got the correct item, color or
size that you ordered. It is not a duplicate warranty or a 30 day trial period. Duplicating the factory
warranty would just raise operating costs which I would have to pass back to you, the customer.
If you received exactly what you ordered and decide that you don't want it, you are responsible for
the cost to ship it back to Plugsplus. Plugsplus, will upon receiving the item in like new condition
refund the item cost.
Items that are not in like new condition will be subject to a restocking
fee. The restocking fee will be between 10% to 80% of the original cost and will be
determined by Plugsplus upon receipt of the returned item.
Shipping costs are not
refundable unless the error was the fault of Plugsplus. Plugsplus will make every effort to provide
100% satisfaction on all purchases. We are very reasonable people and most refunds should be
completed quickly and without question.   

In an effort to keep prices low Plugsplus does not seek to make a profit from shipping. However, the cost of boxes,
tape, labels, labor and postage all needs to be recovered. This normally results in the shipping fee being a dollar or
two above the actual postage paid. I think that you will find my shipping rates to be fair and competitive with timely
delivery. In addition to the normal shipping costs there may be charges for insurance, delivery confirmation and
shipments to foreign countries, Alaska and Hawaii. I will do my best to show the charges up front before you place
the order. Shipping outside of the USA is not available at this time.

All of the products sold by Plugsplus come with a manufactures warranty. Items that become defective during the
warranty period should be returned to the manufacturer not Plugsplus. All of the manufacturers stand behind their
products and tell me that they want to handle warranty issues. They want to know or already know if some of their
products have defects. I can keep prices lower by not offering duplicate warranties and that is what my suppliers are
asking me to do.
Delivery Confirmation

Most orders will be shipped with delivery confirmation. The cost is included in the shipping fee. Plugsplus is not
responsible for lost items after they have been delivered to your ship to address. If the shipping company can prove
that they delivered it to you, Plugsplus in not responsible for your loss.   
Insurance is available upon request for all orders.
The terms and conditions set forth on this page are subject to change without notice.

Plugsplus is a registered business in the state of Michigan. Tax must be charged on all items sold in Michigan and
now any state that charges tax. From time to time I sell items on Internet auctions. These items could be demo's, one
of a kinds, or from my personal collection. If the item comes out of the Plugsplus business inventory it is subject to

Some the items sold by Plugsplus can cause personal injury if used improperly or carelessly. Fishing hooks, knife
blades, broadheads and saw blades are sharp and designed to cut! Lighters produce fire and can burn. When you
place an order for these items
you agree that you are solely responsible for your own actions and the consequences
of those actions.
You agree that Plugsplus is totally free from any liability regarding any damage or injury claim
caused by you or the use of these items. In the rare event that any litigation is taken against Plugsplus you agree that
all legal actions will take place, be filed and resolved in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
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