Muskie Lures and game calls
The Stream & Lake Glass Minnow Trap

You can't buy a better trap than the Stream and Lake glass minnow trap. It blends with
the water and doesn't spook the minnows. Normally the trap is placed in shallow water so
that you can readily see if minnows have entered the trap. Despite being made of glass
these traps are quite rugged. Many minnow dealers still use them. Why not have the best.
Most sporting goods retailers have shied away from selling these traps due to the risk of
breakage. However, if that were the case the design would not have lasted the test of
time and wouldn't even be available. Many of the old time glass traps are still out there
catching minnows and have lasted well over 50 years. The trap will be shipped insured so
there is no risk of monetary loss.

Minnow entry hole size of 1.5 inches.

Minnow entry hole size of 1 inch.

Please check your state regulations on hole size before purchase.
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Insurance is included in the price.
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Plastic Minnow Traps

The plastic minnow trap is a great alternative to the classic glass trap. It is also the hands down winner
when compared to the other non glass traps on the market. Since the plastic on this trap is crystal clear it
has the same minnow catching ability as a glass trap. The plastic trap is lighter and will not shatter like a
glass trap if dropped. It is also less expensive and doesn't require insurance when shipped. A glass trap is
heavier and will stay in place better without being staked down. The trap comes with hold down stakes for
heavy wave and current areas. It's just something to consider when deciding which trap to go with. You'll
get great service from either trap and catch more fish with minnows directly from the lake you're fishing.
The minnow entry hole size is 1 inch.
Additional Minnow Trapping Information
Think like an animal trapper when using these traps. Don't just toss it in the water anywhere. Trappers place their traps in areas
where they see tracks, runs and burrows. Look for areas where you see minnows swimming around. Slack water areas near some
current can be good places. Quietly slip the trap into the water. A large stone can be placed in the trap to help hold it in place. A
tree branch can also be stuck through one of the leg holes and pushed into the lake bottom to hold it in place. Try not to splash
into the water kicking up a bunch of silt, mud. Many of the Pro's build a stand and mount several traps together.
A new trap may
need to sit in the water for a while to become "seasoned" to the environment. This gives time for any bad odors to wash away.
Both of the traps I sell work better than the metal or plastic mesh type traps. Mesh traps do work but they allow the minnows to
eat the bait without going into the trap. Many just eat it through the holes in the mesh.  
Shipping of glass traps outside of the USA is no longer