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Musky lures
Muskie lures
Musky Lures
BUZZ FROG by Cooney Bait
Here is a nicely made and well conceived lure. The lure is made from wood with an aluminum prop
and skirted double hook. The wooden body is just over 2 inches long. This lure gives you the ability
to slowly snake through the pads, then when you clear the edge, you can crank up the speed
putting the buzzer to work. Great for getting that follower to crush the bait! When the weeds are
really thick the removable double hook can be changed to single or weedless single model. It can
also be tipped with any manner of scented plastic or pork baits. Deadly on bass and pike. It comes
in 4 colors, white/black spot, yellow/black spot, green/black spot and solid black.

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