Stream & Lake Glass Minnow Trap

One of the best and most dependable traps on the market. You can't buy a better trap than one made
of glass. It blends with the water and doesn't spook the minnows after. This trap is 13.25" long, 7.5"
in diameter and has a circumference of 24".  Normally the trap is placed in shallow water so that you
can readily see if minnows have entered the trap. Despite being made of glass these traps are quite
rugged. Most retailers have shied away from selling these traps due the risk of breakage during
shipment. However, if that were the case the design would not have lasted the test of time and
wouldn't even be available. Many of the old time glass traps are still out there and have lasted well
over 50 years. The trap will be shipped insured so there is no risk of monetary loss.

Directions for use

Place a small handful of cracker crumbs inside the trap. Cracker crumbs are best because they are
light and float well when the trap is filled with water. Attach a cord to the handle and lower the trap
where minnows frequent. When the trap is placed in running water see that the funnel end is down
stream, as minnows work up against the current. When lowering the trap into deep water fasten a
rope with a float to the trap so that you an easily regain the trap.

The minnow entry hole size is 1.5 inches.
Please check state regulations before purchase.