Brownell Shotshell Dump Pouch

Heavy duty, 1000 denier Cordura® nylon pouch hangs at thigh level for quick, easy access to your shells when shooting
trap, skeet, and clays. Durable, double-stitched partition divides the pouch into two separate compartments, one to hold a
box of shells for 25-round competition, the other to store empties. Side mounted pocket is ideal for storing your shooting
glasses, extra choke tubes or other gear and includes an overlapping cover with hook-and-loop latch for a tight seal that
won’t open unexpectedly. Conveniently located elastic shell holder stores up to three extra shells for quick access. Brass
coated “D” ring allows attachment of additional accessories like ear muffs or range cloth. Adjustable belt provides a
custom fit to any size shooter.

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