Brownell Universal Shotgun Plug

Ever spent the better part of an afternoon searching for or trying to "manufacturing" a new magazine plug for your
shotgun? It's a trial-and-error process that can waste a lot of time. With the new universal Fits-All Plug, all that's required
is a simple snap at the correct notch to fit all popular shotguns. For those oddball guns with non-standard length
magazines, simply notch the Fits-All with a shop knife at the length required and snap! It's that easy! Complete
instructions and convenient Snap-To-Fit Chart included. Made of unbelievably tough polypropylene with an oversize head
to position it correctly in all magazines - Won't slide or rattle. Bright, safety-orange color is easy to see and find. Fast,
economical way to help you comply with migratory game bird law.

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