Model 2 Plastic Minnow Trap and Bucket Combination

The Model 2 has a cork and a handle allowing it to be used as a bucket after you've trapped the
minnows. Great features for quick transport of your minnows. The trap is 12" long, 7.5" in diameter
and has a circumference of 23". It comes with string, marker float, net, hold down stakes,
instructions and oatmeal to bait the trap. Normally the trap is placed in shallow water so that you can
readily see if minnows have entered the trap. I have tested the trap myself and believe it is a good
alternative to the classic glass trap.  

Directions for use

Place a small handful of oat meal inside the trap. Attach the string and float to the handle and place
the trap where you see minnows. When the trap is set in running water see that the funnel end is
down stream and use the hold down stakes provided. A large stone or rock can be placed in the trap
for added weight.

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Minnow Trap model 2