Muskie Lures and game calls
Musky lures
Muskie lures

Globes $19.95
Muskie lures
White Paint Glows In The Dark!!
Lelure Red Crackle Creeper
Lelure Green Scale Creeper
Lelure Red Crackle Globe Muskie Bait
Lelure Yellow Crackle Globe Musky Lure
Front Thumpers $18.95
Lelure front thumper - Black Glow
Lelure Front Thumper - Red Crackle
Lelure Front Thumper - Yellow Crackle
Lelure Back Thumper - Black Glow
Back Thumpers $18.95
Lelure Back Thumper - Red Crackle
Lelure Back Thumper - Yellow Crackle
Lelure Cisco Globe
Lelure Front Thumper
Lelure Rear Thumper
Out of stock
Lelure Muskie Baits
The LeLure creepers, thumpers and globes all have great action. The lures are made with wooden
bodies and some have glass eyes. The Lelure lure company has changed ownership and the status of
the company is unknown at this time. Therefore all of lures that I have are getting to be in short
supply. So I may run out of certain colors or lures before the site can be updated.
Out of stock
Out of stock