Muskie Lures and game calls
Joe Bucher Lures
These musky lures have been designed by hall of fame angler Joe Bucher. The cranks are made from
high impact plastic so that they will slide through the grip of a muskie's jaw for good hook sets. All
components are extra heavy to take the punishment of big fish.

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Big Foot Shallowraider
12"  Big Foot Shallowraider Fire Tiger
12"  Big Foot Shallowraider Natural Perch
Buchertail Spinners

The entire line of Buchertail spinners is designed for maximum performance.
Muskies, pike, bass and other big game fish respond aggressively to these spinner
style lures.
5"  Black / Nickel Mini Buchertail $6.95
5"  Fire Tiger Mini Buchertail $6.95
Only one left in stock
Muskie baits
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