Muskie Lures and game calls
Eppinger Co.
Started over 100 years ago, the Eppinger manufacturing company is still a family owned business. The
only way to do that is by producing the highest quality fish catching spoons in the business. Many
companies have tried to copy the success of these lures with low quality materials and overseas
manufacturing but none have succeeded. More world record fish have been caught on Eppinger lures
than all of the copies combined. The quality is so good on Eppinger lures that they guarantee the paint
for the life of the lure.

Plugsplus Sporting Goods - We Specialize in Muskie Baits & Game Calls
Dardevle Spoons
1 oz. Dardevle Spoon Red &
White with Nickel Back
More Eppinger Products coming Soon!
Musky Lures