Muskie Lures and game calls
Muskie baits
Wooden Pikie
White with Red Head

The wooden pikie was designed to withstand abuse from big fish. The 7.5" body has heavy duty through
wire construction. It is an outstanding choice for big water fishing.
Creek Chub Lures

Creek Chub maintains a long tradition of making quality baits. The effectiveness of their lures is attested
to by the number of anglers that have made record catches using a wide range of Creek Chub baits.
The most notable, is one that remains unbroken today. That is the one set by George Perry in 1932 with
his catch of a giant 22 pound 4 ounce Largemouth Bass on a Creek Chub Wiggle Fish. Over the years,
Creek Chub baits have established record catches of muskie, pike, snook and striper.

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Wooden Pikie
Pikie Color

When a fish blows up on this big 7.5" bait and misses, don't stop the action.
Keep working the bait and be ready!