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Muskie lures
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Fred Arbogast was a national champion competitive bait caster. In 1924 he held the long distance
casting record of 250 feet. He also had a passion for catching bass on top water lures. This led him to
create some of the world's most popular lures. The jitterbug is still an all time favorite of many fishermen.
Tie one on and get ready for a heart stopping, surface shattering big fish Explosion!!  

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1 1/4 oz. Muskie Jitterbugs
Big fish will blow up on the Arbogast Musky Jitterbug with reckless desire! They are nearly 5" long with
3 beefy treble hooks. These lures have a great gurgling sound with a wide side to side action. A great
bait for the novice having trouble getting that walk the dog action out of other muskie baits.
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